Wholefoods – It is like coming home!

I am not obsessed with the place or anything, but I am so jealous of the good people of Giffnock and Glasgow, in general, for having a Wholefoods Market in their area. I really wish I could make the trip to visit them more and will find any good excuse. So….What better way to spend Fifi Friendly’s 1st Birthday than to visit Wholefoods… to be fair I would visit any day given the chance. Wholefoods Market is a brand that has never disappointed me. From my first visit to some stores in the USA to when I wrote my first blog or second blog on them.  I love how consistently good they are. The staff are always so helpful and I love the products they stock. They make shopping fun for me.

On my most recent trip we spent a fabby 2-3 hours in store and it is possibly the only store I could do that without my kids getting bored!!The kids seem to enjoy it as much as me. A massive big thanks to Rachel and Gillian in the Beauty department for all your help and also for introducing me to Live Native and Andalou …amongst many other beautiful brands. There will be some more blogs on these to come.

So complete my love-in, here are ten reasons why I love Wholefoods Markets.

1. As soon as you walk in you are straight into the awesome health and beauty department!

2. The fresh meat and fish counter.and what has to be one of the best Gluten Free Cod Goujons…..ever
3. The chilled food cabinet that has a great range of goat, sheep and dairy free alternatives.
4. The Gluten Free Beer/ Lager section and all the extras that are around the store that you did not really go in to buy, but are so cool and leave you wanting one!!
5. The fresh food and drinks on the premises. I love the salad boxes you can make up for yourself. Also love the meringues, hot food counter, coffee (…they even re-cyle the coffee grounds by giving them away to customers for compost etc), fruit juices, amazing breads….. for the gluten eating lot, the buritos and pizza are fairly awesome too.
6. The chocolate!! They stock one of my favourites Chocolate and Love.
7. The sheer amount of gluten free, vegan, organic or dairy free options! They even do gluten free hampers!
8. This is a company that gives back and cares.
9. How excited my kids get to go on a trip to what they call the Museum of Wholefoods…. long story… but I was nipping into Wholefoods on a trip to the museum in Glasgow ….. bit of a detour…. and we did not make it to the museum. Kids had a great time and told their Gran they went to the Museum of Wholefoods…. love it.
10. Regardless of the fact whenever I go to Wholefoods Market in Giffnock, it always seems to be raining, I always come out really excited by my purchases.
Have you  been to Wholefoods Market? What is your favourite thing? I love that I can always come out with a new product to try. Such a great shopping experience.


  1. May 21, 2015 / 9:21 pm

    I love Whole Foods. My nearest one is London! But I love it! They have some really affordable healthy stuff on offer. Great post. #BrilliantBlogPosts

  2. May 21, 2015 / 9:23 pm

    Literally obsessed with the place. I know, I feel they get bad press about cost when there are greats deals to be had!! Thank you.