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M&S Denim

In my never-ending search for the holy grail of the perfect pair of jeans, I have been finding myself coming back to good old Marks and Spencers quite a bit recently. It is the one item of clothing I am pretty much guaranteed to wear every day. Dare I say it, but great jeans are equally the hardest item to find. You need the perfect fit, size, length, style or just ones that are fairly flattering. Please tell me I am not the only one to have headed into a changing room with a gazillion pairs of jeans at once.  Then painstakingly come out with none of them fitting. Let’s be honest, often the only thing you might leave the changing room with is a full on sweat. It is hard work shimmying yourself into said jeans! The truth of the matter is buying jeans is a minefield!

So yesterday as one of my old faithful jeans decided to rip in a not so fashionable place I have found myself taking a look at M&S to replace them. Marks and Spencer have come to my rescue before and I am confident they will again!  Surely with their large range and also with their newly launched Best Fit Jeans, I would find my jeans. Fresh off the back of Holly Willoughby’s latest Must-Have, The Denim Edit for the high street favourite, denim is well and truly taking centre stage in store.

All the previous M&S collaborations with instagram style and fashion hero Willoughby have proven to be incredibly popular. What is not to love about a great pair of jeans or any other denim based piece. Her 15 piece denim edit includes a number of hero buys including the quick selling frilled denim shirts, zip front boiler suit and denim dresses. Holly’s edit of denim is described as being for an elevated every day look.

This edit has been really fun to pull together, I have always loved the simplicity of a denim dress and I live in a high-waisted skinny jean at the weekend. The pieces in this edit are really versatile but are also super stylish too. I am a huge fan of wearing different denim pieces together – effortless but with a cooler edge! – Holly Willoughby



I love the variety of fits M&S have, the price and also that they have jeans that are made from sustainable cotton. 2019 is also the year that M&S said 100% of their cotton would come from sustainable sources.

Why are these ethically sourced jeans better? Well for starters the cotton farmers use less water and fewer pesticides but it does not stop there. Through the Better Cotton Initiative  the cotton producers gain environmental, economic and social benefits. Producing sustainable cotton is better for them, their working conditions, their health and also the wider environment.


To find out more about the range of denim available head over to to check out Holly’s full edit.

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