Marks & Spencer….. Made Without Wheat… MMMMM

made without wheat
I have long been a fan of the Made Without Wheat Chocolate Muffin from Marks and Spencer. Truth be told I was utterly addicted to them during my first pregnancy and the love is still there for them.  I really need to blog on them soon, but I never manage to have them in the house long enough to get a before photo, or any other photo apart from one of an empty packet….they go too quick.  I have started to notice a lot more products in the M & S Made Without Wheat range and recently picked up some Chicken Goujons for us to try.
There are a lot of bakery, pasta, frozen and cereal products out on the supermarket  gluten free shelves but not that many fresh products like this.  My son in particular was very excited to try them. Given that we have tried some frozen chicken nugget style products from another gluten free range, Marks and Spencer’s Made Without Wheat Chicken Goujons won hands down.
They tasted of chicken…..always a great starting point….trust me the other brand nuggets were questionable. They cooked well and had a good crunch to them on the outside coating. The coating did not fall apart when you cut through them and these Chicken Goujons also won over the non gluten free members of our household. We tried them with a roasted vegetable and rice dish but I will guarantee they would taste great with most things.
Thanks to M&S for giving some good variety for us gluten free customers.
Have you tried anything else from the Made Without Wheat range?