Doves Farm Gluten Free Pasta….

Doves Farm pasta

I have always loved pasta and I have never stopped a gluten free diet getting in the way of my enjoyment of it. My first few experiences of gluten free pasta were soggy, shapeless, turned to baby food like mush and nothing like the real thing.  Although in the last five years the free from section of supermarkets have developed incredibly when it comes to pasta,  Doves Farm ( is one of the winners for me every time.

The blend of maize and rice flour that Doves Farm uses in its pasta produces one of the best gluten free pastas….ever. There are a few pastas in their range but my favourite has to be the Pipe Rigate which is almost shell like in appearance. I have noticed that it is out of stock in a load of places jsut now and also not available on their website …. really hope it is not being discontinued!  It cooks in under 10 minutes and once drained it holds it shape really well. Critically it tastes good and produces a bite that many of its competitors fail to achieve. Check me getting all fancy with my pasta discription!
Fifi Friendly Doves Farm Pasta

We have tried it with a tomato based sauce and creamy cheese with bacon sauce. My son also wants me to mention that it makes a great alternative to macaroni cheese. You would not expect a pasta that is made without the following to taste so good.

  • wheat
  • gluten
  • milk
  • salt
  • nuts
  • soya
  • egg
Ingredients: Maize Flour * (70%), Rice Flour* (30%). * Denotes organically grown.