Mallow + White Soothe Balm

mallow and white

Ok, am I the only one who is beginning to wonder what month or season we are in again.  I was just getting used to the warmer weather and then boom we are back to the grey bleugh with a hint of rain on the side. With all the uncertainty of what clothes are appropriate for the day/weather system ahead of us …. or not …. at least we can all make sure that our skincare game is on point.

The utterly fabulous Mallow + White is one brand that I adore using all year round. They recently brought out a balm to join their amazing Soothe Range and were kind enough to send it over for me to try. This fragrance free balm has been triple whipped and is beyond gorgeous to apply. It is meant to be for the hands and body, but I have also used it on my face for an intensive mask. Such a gem of a product. I started trialling it a couple of weeks ago and loved it so much I brought it to London in my overnight bag 💚

“This balm leaves the skin so incredibly velvety soft. It is made for those who have sensitive or allergic skin and don’t want products with essential oils. It’s made with the wonderful superfood ingredients of avocado, watermelon and cucumber oils, with a very delicate scent of cucumber. Just gorgeous.” Joanna White from Mallow + White

Mallow + White excel at simple but effective skincare products that are 100% natural…. minimal ingredients giving maximum effect and naturally. The new Soothe Balm is now one of my top 3 products from this multi award-winning brand. The divine smell is refreshing yet comforting and just sublime to use on a warm day. I find Soothe Balm to be brilliantly hydrating even when you use the smallest amounts, but it is its texture that I love the most!  Triple whipped is the way forward. A new favourite!