Hitting it out the Aspall Park….


My drink of choice has notoriously been rum for a very long time. Ever since I arrived in Barbados and was given a Mount Gay Rum and fresh pink grapefruit juice I was smitten. I always thought me and warm weather and rum would always be besties.  A few years ago on a scorching hot day, I was at a local pub and I was telling my friend that I had loved the Cider on a our Cornwall holiday as it was a lot drier than the ones I had drank before. Up until my trip to Cornwall I had stayed clear of any form of cider post university where we would, on occassion, subject ourselves to a special “cocktail”  called a Blastaway. This delightful concoction is mixture of Diamond White cider and Castaway……trying it once was enough… and good reason to not touch cider ever since.

After giving me a look of digust my friend suggested that I try Aspall Cyder (www.aspall.co.uk). As soon as he described it as being dry like Champagne my ears pricked up. My pint arrived and it was very refreshing, not sweet in flavour and incredibly moreish. That was when I found an alternative to my beloved rum.
Since that first trip I have managed to arrange several catch ups at said local …. I have spread the word of my discovery to all my friends …. including the ones who were sworn off cider with me at Uni :).  One friend even said that this cider is what her Sunday’s have been missing. Aspall’s is also available in most supermarkets ….. including Sainsburys who sell Aspall Dry Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder,  Aspall Crisp Draught Suffolk Cyder and Aspall Classic Organic Suffolk Cyder. My train of thought immediately went to…. hmm, Fifi Friendly blog covers organic produce, one of the cyders is organic….. yeah I can buy some purely to discuss on my blog…. result.
Aspall have been making their cyder since 1728….. they are clearly doing a lot right. Now in their 8th generation of making Aspall Cyder they still hold true to the original philosophy. The blend of apples they use in their cyder makes them stand out. Whether you are looking for a strong and robust cyder  to a clean crisp or light cyder they are all superb. The Classic Organic Suffolk Cyder is quite full in flavour and good with food or by itself. All very refreshing.  Go forth and enjoy one of range from Aspall….. or try all of them … just to compare.