Kahina (Giving Beauty) and the Argan nuts…….

Kahina Giving Beauty

I have used argan oil products on my hair for a few years now and seen how it benefited greatly. One thing I was not sure of was how ethically sourced my argan oil was. This was until I discovered Kahina Giving Beauty (www.givingbeauty.com). This range of natural beauty products have argan oil at the heart of them and was launched by Katharine Phillips L’Heureux following a trip to Morocco.

This range uses pure argan oil that is hand extracted by the Berber women in Morocco. The organic ingredients are ethically sourced and 25% of Kahina’s profits go back to the co-operatives they work with.  A simply yet beautifully designed product also displays the signatures and marks of the Berber women on it.

In my Travel Basics pack contained 30ml bottles of the following products

  • Argan Oil – 100% organic and Ecocert certified
  • Facial Cleanser – Ecocert organic and natural
  • Facial Lotion – 100% natural and 95% of botanical ingredients are organic
  Kahina Giving Beauty Fifi Friendly

I like this beauty regime as it is simple, effective and also can be changed depending on skin’s requirements. I started off with the Kahina Facial Cleanser which I applied to my dampened skin. It is quite easy to use in the shower as well. After massaging it in for a little bit I removed it with a cloth. I found this worked well. The blend of argan oil, papaya extracts and aloe vera leaf juice is a great combination. Papaya is well know for it’s exfoliating qualities, leaving my skin brighter but without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

 Kahina Giving Beauty Fifi Friendly

The Kahina Argan Oil is  100% organic and is a true multi-tasker. The box recommends it being tried on the face, the body, in the bath, on the hair and also on your hands as a cuticle treatment.  I decided to try all of them. Great product. I used it on my face after the cleanser and also tried it as a extra boost to the Facial Lotion.  This wonder product is certainly a way to help cut down the amount of products you take away on holiday. My skin felt nourished by the vitamin E , meanwhile the antioxidants and essential fatty acids helped the condition of my skin whilst protecting it. I used it on my hair as a alternative to my regular hair tamer. I only used a very small drop but noticed a difference. It did not leave my hair limp but left it shining nicely.  I will be honest and say I would never have considered it for the bath or as a body oil, but it was a treat.  It soaks in easily without leaving my skin greasy. I also loved it as an alternative to a hand and cuticle treatment. The fragrance of the argan oil is delicate and not obtrusive. My nails have been getting painted more frequently this summer and the oil was a welcome relief to my hands.

Kahina Giving Beauty Fifi Friendly

The final treat in my travel set was the Facial Lotion. The scent of this lotion is very natural and  I immediately homed in on the aroma of honeysuckle. Lovely to have this smell in skincare. It is super hydrating  and left my skin soothed and nourished. I really liked the texture as it was a mixture between creaminess and slightly balmy. It felt great on my skin regardless. I used it directly after the cleanser and also used it after the argan oil for an extra boost.

Kahina Giving Beauty Fifi Friendly

This brand has a great ethos. The women who extract the oil are truly at the heart of the brand and their design. I love the simplicity of the products. I also love that they have opened my eyes to using ethically sourced argan oil and using it in a number of ways. Truly beautiful products. Great simple packaging that does not leak. 5* Fifi Friendly luxurious product.

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