Body Confidence in a social media world

Body Confidence in a social media world

Can we talk about body confidence? This is a shout out to all the amazing girls who are trying to love themselves in a world that is telling them not to. To all those ladies who build up their fellow gals instead of knocking them down.  As someone who uses social media daily, I am pretty aware of the pressures that are on younger girls and women in general these days. On average a woman has about a dozen negative thoughts about her body each day. Anyone else find that crazy? Body confidence is learned and comes from within. If you liken confidence to a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets.

When this picture below was taken, I was hacked off that I was being photographed …. can you tell …. After two weeks of drinking a steady stream of amazing rum cocktails, lying on a beach and eating whatever I wanted …. I thought I was fat and the last thing I wanted was a picture to remind me. I know…. what the actual 🤣🤬🤣. The truth is that although I was heavier than my normal in this picture I still had no body confidence. How can you fluctuate from an hourglass shaped size 8 to 10 and still have no body confidence! My early forties body can not understand this madness! The truth was I was comparing myself to others, pictures in the media and that blinded me to the truth. All the magazines I had brought on the trip had pictures and models that looked nothing like me, it was at a time when the waif like figure and no junk in the trunk was “in”.

We have come so far, but I am still very aware of the pressure on women to look a certain way, dress a certain way and get botox or cosmetic enhancements etc. As a mum I want to install body confidence in my daughter at a young age and positively bolster that confidence as she grows up so she will love her own skin regardless of what she sees in the media. When she is on a tropical island, I want her to stand proud. So girls …. You are enough…. let me repeat that so it gets through…. you are enough💚


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