All about the brows!

Milk Make up Kush Brow Fifi Friendly

Around about the time that I first started to use eye make up…. my friends and I used words like ace, brill and kushdie to describe things we liked. Anyone else spot a 90’s teen?? Back then we could definitely have done with Instagram to help up with make up inspiration! Nowadays, Instagram is my go to network to learn so much about new products and how to apply.

Last month, ahead of the UK launch of Milk Makeup, I watched the @alexsteinherr and @zannarassi live and this brow product was one of the items used… it was pretty clear and pretty quickly that I would want to give it a try. I went for Haze, the lightest of the shades, and have been surprised by a few things.

Firstly how much fullness this product gives instantly. I am used to a brow pencil and love that this brow gel, with brush applicator, really defines, pronounces shape and provides fullness back to my early ‘00s over plucked brows. Zero flaking, zero clumping, no rock hard brows and lots of ease to apply! The name of this Kush Fiber Brow Gel is totally taking me back. Totally kushdie and is the first brush on brow product I have ever used…. totally loving it!

Gluten free/ Vegan / Cruelty free. Have you tried any of the Milk Makeup products yet?

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