The final part of New Make Up Overhaul – RMS and Ilia

It is fair to say I have been delighted, surprised and proudly showing off my new make up. It is amazing how a little overhaul can make you feel like a brand new you… refreshing. If you want to read about the other products I bought from Content Beauty, check out my blogs on  W3ll People and also Vapour Organic Beauty. In the final part of my New Make up Overhaul I will be looking at products by  RMS Beauty and Ilia Beauty.

I had been using up a Bobbi Brown Cream Eyeshadow and was looking to find something more clean/green beauty friendly. I was recommended to try the RMS Beauty Cream Eyeshadow Polish (£19). As with the rest of my growing shopping basket, I had heard of RMS but never tried any of their products.

RMS  Beauty is the brainchild of the high profile make-up artist Rosie-Marie Swift, who developed this range after health concerns pointed to high levels of chemicals and pesticides in her body. From here she created a wonderful and award winning range of organic cosmetics. Her products go beyond just being organic and non- toxic, they are also active, which allows them to nourish and heal the skin. Rose- Marie wants people to be aware of the toxic chemicals they are putting on their bodies and has a fab site called that I would highly recommend you have a look at.

My RMS Beauty Eye Polish is called Magnetic. This Eye Polish gives a sheer coverage and instantly feels moisturising! I love how subtle this product is and it definitely makes the skin on my eyelids look younger. Sold!! This 100%, organic and gluten free Eye Polish is really easy to glide on. My concern was that it was too easy to glide and that my eyeliner would glide right off.  I have found if I wait a few minutes before applying then my eyeliner it lasts longer.

Overall this is a shimmering raw organic mineral pigment eye shadow that has super flattering colour that is kind of taupe, but with mauve accents. I found that instead of accentuating my fine lines in the eye area, it seemed to smooth them a bit.  Perfect summer accessory. It didn’t last as long as some of my other products in the all day wedding test, but I actually enjoyed re-applying.

Where it did crease after  about 5 hours it was easy to dab back on. This product is great to use as a base for a smokey eye! You only need to use a small amount of the polish to create a flattering  yet somewhat glossy look. This Eye Polish can also double as  an eye cream with it’s moisturising ingredients. This is not just an eyeshadow, this is a super eye product with colour. I would recommend not using an eye cream first.

I had been looking for a brighter toned lipstick for a while. I have found that there a loads of pinks and nudes out there in the clean beauty world but not that many reds or corals. As soon as I saw the Karma Chameleon by Ilia Beauty (£20) I knew this was the one for me.

Ilia Beauty was created with the a clear manifesto – to make pure products that are not only organic/bio-organic but also ethically sustainable. It was the colour and ingredients that drew me to this lip product by Ilia, but when you add this on to its great packaging and high performing pigments and moisturising abilities, this makes one hell of a lip crayon. I could finish this part of the blog now, quite simply. This is an awesome product. Full stop. This is one of my favourite lip products I have ever tried.

Where do I start? I have so much love for this product!  The colour is immense. It is described as a fiery coral….. and yes it is coral and fiery. It is also vibrant and screams “hello Summer”!  This lip crayon has surprised me. I found have found myself on a few occasions wanting to ditch the eyeliner and just be all about the lips. It is easy to apply, I think I prefer applying a crayon to a lipstick!  There is no need to sharpen this crayon like a lip liner, you just twist the bottom as you would an old school lipstick.

Ilia Beauty have created a hydrating, semi-matte but semi-gloss, super pigmented lip staining, long lasting, creamy, chic, modern Lip Crayon.  I have not even started on the ingredients! With an ingredient list including sesame oil, papaya and rose hip, it is little wonder that this wonder crayon is not only moisturising but also healing. You may find your lip balm being chucked from your bag!

Have you tried any of products from RMS Beauty or Ilia Beauty?

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  1. I've sampled both of these – the Karma was a little too bright for me – I chickened out and went for Shell Shock instead :). And I'm in two minds about Magnetic – can't work out if it suits me, but its such a lovely colour. Content is the bomb; looks like you picked up some good stuff – enjoy! x

  2. May 3, 2015 / 9:06 pm

    Shell Shock, I will have a look out for that one. Magnetic, I wasnt sure before I got it, but I got a lot of comments on it as soon as I started wearing it. I normally go for a more matte tone, but I love the moisturising components of it! I need to get to London to visit the store… pronto!