Lippy Girl – Boss Lady

For the last few months, I have been on the look out for a great, green beauty, non-toxic red toned lipstick.  This led to try Boss Lady by Lippy Girl. I am a big fan of Lippy Girl and was really drawn to the colour of this vegan lipstick, but also to it’s fab name. My kids often say that ” mum is the boss”,  so when I was choosing between two lipsticks I knew that Boss Lady had to be the one.

Boss Lady is warm red with a slight yellow undertone. On the lips it stands out so well! This is a great lipstick for date night, meeting the girls or if you are just trying to change up your make up routine and bring some old school glamour into it.  Most skin tones could pull this colour off perfectly . The warm tones assure that it will not drain you.

Lippy Girl is a wonderful range of 100% natural and vegan lipsticks that harness the nourishing qualities of plant oils along with natural mineral pigments. These Fifi Friendly products are free from gluten, cruelty and bees wax.  I have found them to be long lasting, creamy in texture and they leave me lips feeling utterly moisturised. I would never feel the need to apply lip balm under them. Crucially they do not melt off the lips and bleed ! The packaging is sleek and the recyclable aluminium tube has a lid that clicks shut perfectly.