Why you need FaceGym in your life

Why you need FaceGym in your life

Do you dread taking a selfie? For me there seems to be two main times of year when the obligatory selfie comes out in force …. the festive season and summer holidays.  Ah pants…… it is selfie season soon. Personally I love taking pictures to capture a memory but generally am rarely a fan of how my face comes across. My 40 year old skin sometimes feels ravaged by time and the stresses of this year have not helped my “laughter lines”. There is one place that made me selfie ready in less than an hour … FaceGym in London. In fact a facial work out at FaceGym is also great for those who have sinus or migraine problems and those who have tight muscles around the jaw from teeth grinding. Following my visit to FaceGym I found myself wanting to capture my awesome looking skin and minimal lined face as much as possible. Hello camera I am ready for you.  My FaceGym at Selfridges visit is still officially known to me as #selfiesaturday. FaceGym happened to my skin and I have been craving the results ever since.

On #selfiesaturday, I wanted to make sure that I have took every opportunity to record the moment in time where my skin looked freaking amazing. I was worried that it would suddenly change back to ….. well not so glowing or glorious. The day after my facial I found myself looking in the mirror and before I knew it I would hear myself saying …. “oh my god how great does my skin look”. I said this a lot and I looked in lots of mirrors! Who knew that facial massage could make such a difference.

This wasn’t my first visit to FaceGym, I handed over my face to their care on another London trip and loved it…. so wrote this blog piece.  I loved it so much I insisted that my best friend visit when she was on a trip to London with her hubby.

My personal face trainer assessed my concerns and we got to work with the my fat under my chin, surrounding skin texture, crows feet and forehead lines.  She started my treatment with a vigorous face massage and definitely I felt the effects the next day when I smiled. Next we moved on to the radio frequency part of the facial. This is great for skin tightening, re-modelling of collagen and also fat loss. Tick, tick, tick.  I could definitely feel my skin heating up throughout but not in an uncomfortable way.

Before I knew it, it was time for the ultrasound part of my treatment. I would say that his was the part of the treatment I enjoyed the sound of least.  My trainer told me to relax and it would be better. It is a high pitched sound that was manageable and I knew it would do wonders for my skin.


The final device to be used on my skin was Pure Lift Face Technology which is described as like a ” power-plate for the face”. This super nifty gadget is fab for skin that is dull, sagging and generally showing more signs of ageing than we would like.  Using little micro currents, it tones and tightens the skin.  To finish my treatment, my skin had nourishing hyaluronic serum applied and then some amazing Cult 51 products were massaged in.

The non-invasive and surgery free results of Face Gym were awesome. Yes some of the workout was uncomfortable …. but show me a truly effective workout that is not uncomfortable at some point. The lines in between my brows, the lines on my neck, my forehead lines and crows feet lines looked different. They were more ironed out. My complexion looked amazing and better than it had done it ages.

I left Face Gym at Selfridges practically skipping. Their skin plumping, lining reducing and fabulous facial workout is one of the best confidence boosters ever.  Until my next London trip, perhaps I need to drop subtle hints to my family that I need the  FaceGym Pro device to have at home. Have you tried FaceGym? If not get yourself in there to try it. You can go to FaceGym’s Website  to find out where you can book in. Face Gym is available at Selfridges and Neville Hair and Beauty.