Suma Shampoos

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that one of my favourite non toxic hair care brands is Tara Smith. With my stock pile of pretty bird adorned bottles dwindling and Tara Smith no longer being stocked at Marks and Spencers, I have struggled to find another stockist in the UK. Annoyingly if you go to Tara Smith’s website they link you through to buy it at M&S …. where you are told “sorry this item is no longer available”. #ARGHHH

After a few months of trying, I have officially given up and started to go out into the big world of non toxic hair care to find a new brand to tend for my locks. On a recent trip up north to visit my folks, my mother introduced me to a local store called The Green Grocer in Inverurie.  This fab little shop stocks wholefood, organic produce, supplies vegetable boxes and it is here that I bought some Suma Shampoos.

It is not that I am bad at making decisions, but I thought it made sense to buy both the Grapefruit & Aloe and also the Rose & Geranium as they seemed great value at £4.69 each.

Is it sad that I couldn’t wait to wash my hair the next day?  I went for the Rose Shampoo first. Wow, the smell of this is intoxicating to me. It smells like perfection. On my hair I was surprised the amount of foam that was produced. Often with more natural shampoos you get hardly any. The smell resonated throughout my hair and lingered delicately as I dried it.  My hair seemed to like it.

The next day I tried the Grapefruit & Aloe Vera. Given that the smell of grapefruit is one of my favourites I knew I would like this one also.  First there is the uplifting smell and then the calming nature on the scalp.  These shampoos did not leave my hair feeling sticky or too squeaky. On the day that I tried the Grapefruit shampoo I skipped conditioner for a change.

I was actually surprised how easy it was to brush through my hair and how manageable it was to dry. Loving these shampoos and have now swapped the rest of my household over to using them. Great for them, but downside is it means these bottles will run out quicker! I understand you can also buy them in 5Litre containers.

I like that you don’t have to use a lot of these shampoos. They are great value and free from artificial preservatives, fragrances or colours. These vegan shampoos are guaranteed not to be tested on animals and are a great option.  I am really happy with my new find!

What is your favourite non toxic shampoo?

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