Wheatgrass in a glass…..

I have wanted to get into wheatgrass for a while, due to it’s amazing health and nutritional properties, but I have always stumbled at the first hurdle when greeted by a gritty and sometimes bitter tasting drink.  To be fair, I have had wheatgrass in a drink at Archerfield House and it tasted amazing, but everything I have tried from that stable has never disappointed. Whenever I have tried to recreate it at home I have never finished a glass. I recently read on twitter about Nutrifiz Wheatgrass (www.nutrifiz.com) and found myself compelled to try some.

Why wheatgrass? Well for starters in its purest form this superfood contains every single vitamin out there along with an abundance of minerals (90+), amino acids and enzymes. It packs a punch. The Nutrifiz Wheatgrass comes in an effervescent form and is really easy to prepare.  Get a large glass of water, 200ml, drop the tablet in, watch it fizz and then drink. Job done. I felt this process sounded a little too easy and it was bound to still taste vile.

I received my Nutrifiz in the post just prior to my big brother coming to stay. As I had already loaded up on my vitamins earlier in the day, I decided to wait until the next morning to try it out. Big bro was right in there and keen to be the first test subject…his words not mine. First thoughts were it looked like pond water in a glass but he was surprised at how good it tasted.  It did not taste bitter and gritty – it tasted refreshingly of lemon. His glass was downed and I waited to try it the next day.

That evening we went out to enjoy some fireworks at a beautiful stately home. When we arrived home “test subject 1” discovered the full detox values of this drink fairly brutally. After a suitable period of discomfort/cleansing he later asked me how I was going to blog about that….. I just did.

With slight trepidation I tried my Nutrifiz today. It tastes good with a definite Fanta Limon air to it.  I am impressed so far and did not have any after effects. I am looking forward to making this my daily vitamin boost for the rest of this week. With vitamins and minerals that help the immune system, reduce tiredness and fatigue, I am expecting to be on my A game this week.