The time-saving hair hack

The time-saving hair hack

To me time-saving products are often a waste of time. Where they have saved me physical time they can often be not so effective. One time-saving hair hack that has been invaluable to me is my new award winning Aquis Hair Towel. There are two main points why this hack works for me. Firstly, my coloured and processed hair is porous and can hold more water than a camel. This means that drying my hair takes a loooonnnnngggg time. Secondly, I never seem to have enough time in the morning and quite often my hair gets shunted down in the list of priorities …. please read that if I can chuck it up in a messy bun when wet as I run out the door then that is a bonus!

The first time I tried my Aquis Hair Towel I was gobsmacked by how it significantly decreased the time required to dry my hair. I simply wrap my soaking wet hair up in this clever microfibre towel for 5 minutes while I get my self dressed, apply my moisturiser and eye make up.  Brilliantly by the time I take off my Aquis Hair Towel there is minimal moisture left on my hair and I would say my hair is nearly dry.

Aquis Hair Towel

Here are some reasons why this microfibre hair towel has been making a huge difference.

  1. Gently takes about 80-90% of the moisture out of my hair.
  2. Significantly cuts down the time I need to try my hair,  which reduces the heat damage that my coloured hair is subjected to.
  3. My hair is less flyaway, less frizz and is way more shiny.
  4. This super soft towel is also so much lighter than a regular towel and easily stays in place when wrapped around my head.
  5. The Aquis Hair Towel doesn’t bulk up when wet and dries itself quickly too.
  6. Its light weight nature also makes my Aquis Hair Towel the perfect travel companion.

The Aquis Hair Towel is made out of super fine microfibres that swiftly wick away moisture from even the thickest of hair without damaging it or causing dreaded split ends. This miracle worker of a hair hack saves me precious time every morning and I love it!  Without fail the Aquis Hair Towel has changed how I dry my hair for good.  Check out the full range at