Super-Food mask to the rescue…

I had the pleasure of meeting the renowned Dr Mariano Spiezia and his gorgeous wife Loredana De Cecco Spiezia this summer at their Inlight Organic Skincare lab ( in Cornwall. I was a little star struck, if I am honest, and found myself geekishly waving at Dr Spiezia through the doors of the lab. (I should probably make it clear that I had been invited inside the building and was not stalking him from outside!).

(Picture belongs to Inlight Organic Skincare)

Dr Spiezia is a spectacular mix of organic skincare pioneer, medical doctor, herbalist, homeopath and to top it all off he, along with Loredana, led the way for organic skincare in the UK. The work he creates is a blend of ancient alchemy and science and it seems that every product Dr Spiezia lays his hands on turns to gold. If that is not enough they are some of the loveliest, warm and inspiring people I have met.

I imagined that Dr Spiezia just supervised the making of their range, but he was very hands on and was working in the lab on the day of my visit. It is clear this range is his pride and joy….. I can totally see why. From speaking with Loredana and some of the rest of the team, there is an immense love for the job they do and the award winning innovative products they created.

Last Sunday I decided to try out the sample of the Organic Super-Food Mask they gave me. When I opened the packet it was a dark green chlorophyll colour….. not to dissimilar to a spinach and all things green smoothie I drink. This 100% organic wonder detoxifies, uplifts, rejuvenates and repairs the skin…..and still manages to smell nice. I found the consistency gently grainy and actually enjoyed giving my skin a gently massage whilst applying. I applied it in the bath and sat back and chilled out for about 10 minutes before washing it off with a soft cloth.  Whilst the mask is on your face will be green….. no shock there…. so don’t be surprised if anyone calls you Shrek, like my kids called me.

Even before i got out the bath to inspect my skin, I immediately noticed how my skin felt. Utterly baby soft. After checking in the mirror it looked super healthy and no blocked pores. The skin did not feel tight and so I did not have to apply moisturiser or face oil straight after. With key ingredients of spirulina, rose seed oil, carrot root, barley leaf and baobab powder this mask revitalised my skin like a super green smoothie for the face.

I love this product and will be definitely be starting a Sunday night ritual of using the Super-Food Face Mask.  I also like how their  user friendly website ( gives a list of ingredients but also explains the benefits of each one. It shows that nothing is in their products that does not have to be. This brand is 100% organic, there is a 100% lovely team working hard behind the scenes and Inlight Organic Skincare are 100% Fifi Friendly.

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Ingredients: –  100% organic 

Sesame seed oilcoconut oil,  beeswax, potato starch , shea buttersunflower seed oilbarley leaf powdercorn starch, jojoba seed oilrose seed oilbaobab fruit powderspirulina powderbitter orange leaf/twig oilevening primrose oilcarrot root extractbarley leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract,  frankincense oilspirulina extract, Linalool*, limonene*, geraniol*, citral*. *Natural constituent of essential oils.