Smooze operator……..

Smooze operator……..

Summer has arrived…woo hoo. Nothing better than a nice refreshing ice lolly!! I recently had a box of Smooze! coconut and mango fruit ice delivered from Nature’s Healthbox What a treat for all ages!

Since my son began a gluten, dairy and orange free diet, we have had to become more creative with mealtimes,snacks and general getting food out and about. As the weather has started to get a bit warmer, one of the things he was really missing was ice lollies. Most have either dairy, soya or orange in them.  It was with great excited that we read about Smooze fruit ice.  Not only are they 100% natural with real fruit purees and juices, they also are


  • 100% gluten free
  • 100% dairy free
  • 0% artificial colours
  • 0% cholesterol
  • 0% trans fat
  • 0% preservatives
  • low fat
They are boxed in packs of 10 x 65ml.  They are recommended to freeze for 15 hours, but I found if you took them out the pack and separated in the freezer then this time was greatly reduced. Great size for portion control, easy to handle, easy to open and easy to be mess free as they are push up! For the calorie conscious out there these are only 66 calories a pack. They are super refreshing. The coconut milk is a great source of healthy fats and also give the fruit ice an amazing creamy flavour.  The mango and coconut are a mix of perfection. My son is utterly addicted to them and often takes visitors to the freezer to show them off. Great for all kids and adults alike…… (I am a bit of a rum connoisseur and it has been pointed out to me that you could easily mix a half-frozen one of these with some rum for a great daiquiri!)

I have no qualms in giving these a  Fifi Friendly 5*. I know these will be stocked up in our freezer for the rest of the summer and we will also be trying out the other flavours. (Pink guava and Coconut, Simply coconut and Pineapple and coconut). Smooze fruit ice, in my opinion, give all the dairy free ice creams and lollies a run for their money. They come in at £3.39 which is certainly worth it.


Ingredients :  Mango Juice 48% (from puree), coconut milk 40%, natural cane sugar, fruit pectic, citric acid, natural fruit flavours,  ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
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