Metcalfe’s & Tyrrell’s Popcorn to the test!

Metcalfe’s & Tyrrell’s Popcorn to the test!

Whether you make it at home or buy it, Popcorn is an easy and go to snack…. whether you are gluten free or not. If the kids have snacks out, it is often the popcorn that is obliterated first. Often before being replenished another two times. Clearly a favourite. Whilst out on my supermarket shop recently, I bought two popcorn brands to put head to head. Tyrrell’s Proper Popcorn Sweet & Salty against Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn Sweet ‘n Salt.  I wondered how I was going to decide but luckily these two little reprobates offered to help.

Wow, these little people are thorough. They made sure that they kept trying each bag …. just to make sure they got the taste right! Talk about taking their job seriously.



We started off with Tyrrell’s Sweet & Salty. Lets get the important information out the way. 80g foil wrapped bag. Gluten Free. Vegetarian Friendly. 507 Calories per 100g. Ingredients are popped corn, sunflower oil, sugar and sea salt. On the front of these fab designed bags it says there are 116 calories per 23g serving. Which is great …. but I am yet to meet anyone who has a serving of popcorn and can stop at 23g! The flavour of the popcorn is evenly spread out and when you got to the bottom it is not laden with salt or granules of flavour.  We did spot a warning on the packet to say that there may be some unpopped kernels, that said I think we only came across one.


Tyrells Popcorn Fifi Friendly


Next up was Sweet ‘n Salt by Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn. It also comes in a foil wrapped bag,  is gluten free (the popcorn not the bag), vegetarian friendly and has 80g in the bag. There seemed less packaging with Metcalfe’s though. The popcorn is closer to the top of the bag.  Funny how that makes you feel like you are getting more. The other differences we spotted include lower calories at 459 per 100g and 19.2g fat versus 24.3g in Tyrrell’s. The ingredients are popped butterfly corn, sugar, rapeseed oil and salt. Again I think I found one random unpopped kernel but I did find flavour hovering around the bottom of the bag.
Metcalfes popcorn Fifi Friendly
As I type this now, I am making sure I grab a few more handfuls to taste test. If you are looking for a difference in taste, you will most likely struggle to find one. They have the same flavour and it is incredibly more-ish. Put both brands in a bowl in front of us and have no fear they will be demolished. The only difference I came across is that Metcalfe’s popcorn did appear bigger and fluffier, whereas the Tyrrell’s have more of a crunch.

My test tasters said they preferred Metcalfe’s and when I pressed them as to why they struggled to say …. helpful. I suspect it is because they had to dig their hands in the bag less deeply to get more popcorn out!! They are fickle like that.  On a separate note the Metcalfe’s bag also did not rip when the tasters were both trying to fight to get their hands in the packet!! They don’t get that a sharing bag means you should share!

Anyone else have a family of popcorn lovers?