Organic Equinox Elixir

Are you one of those people who considers a detox either in the new year or before a holiday when you know you will be swimsuit bound? You might be making it harder on yourself according to naturopaths. They believe the best time to cleanse or do an effective detoxification, is in fact during an equinox or solstice!  Don’t get me wrong, if you feel like a cleanse at any point of the year, you go for it, but why not do it at an optimum time.  The equinox, is said to have an effect on the thinness of your blood making it easier to cleanse. So, none of this once yearly detox malarky…. no, this is about making it every quarter.

I am having a bit of a cleanse at the moment and am going to be harnessing the March equinox with the help of the Organic Equinox Elixir by Viridian Nutrition. I have a number of Viridian products in the house and have been delighted with the benefits they have brought. For example their Essential Female Multi is my go to vitamin and I often wax lyrical about their Organic Super Greens. This 50ml bottle comes in at £12.70 and is jam packed with herbs that are great in supporting the elimination of toxins. That is what we are wanting! Ingredients include the super cleansing dandelion and nettle, powerful artichoke, low GI acacia  and the naturally cleansing burdock and cleavers.

You would think it tasted fairly nasty and you will be surprised. I am not saying it tastes as great a frothy vanilla milkshake, but reality check time, anything that cleanses you this well is unlikely to be your favourite flavoured drink. I found the Organic Equinox Elixir really easy to take. The recommended daily dose is to pop 15-30 drops in water or fruit juice. I have tried it in water and I have also added it to my smoothie for an extra kick. Cleanses using this Elixir can be shown to improve the health of your skin and gut, whilst increasing energy, libido and improving mood.

Happy days, happy cleansing …. bring it on!

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