Organic Amisa Buckwheat Crispbread

Crackers and crispbreads always go down well in the Fifi Friendly household. They are so easy to use for a light snack, great to put in school lunch bag and always have to be gluten free. I have not tried too many Amisa products, so when I saw their Gluten Free Buckwheat Crispbread as the daily offer in Real Foods, I wanted give them a try.

Each box contains 6 packets that include 5 crispbreads each. Perfect to take out and about with you, or if you want to keep them fresh in your lunch bag. They are organic, low fat, wheat free and yeast free, so on the face of it should be Fifi Friendly. To be honest on first try I wasn’t sure. I was expecting them to be similar in texture to DS Corn Crispbread, but I found them have more of a hard but chewy texture.  After a couple of tries, I found myself warming to them, but only slightly.

Flavour, I find it hard to describe the taste of buckwheat, but in these crispbreads it does creep up on you. I found after the first bite they were bland (read not appealing) and then the flavour kicked in after a few more chews.  I tried these with honey, chicken & chorizo pate and then spreadable goats cheese, but I could not find myself wanting to delve into the packet for another one.I knew the litmus test would be the kids. They are both massive fans of rice cakes, corn cakes, oat cakes… you get the idea. They tried these Buckwheat Crispbreads and asked for the yellow packet instead…. DS Gluten Free Crispbread.  Sadly this packet, even though it had great credentials, did not go down well in the Fifi Friendly household.

Have you tried these?  I would be interested to hear how you got on.