New Make-Up Overhaul – Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

New Make-Up Overhaul – Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

A few weeks ago I put out this blog after I did a bit of a make-up overhaul before my brother’s wedding. I will be honest and say that this online order included a number of firsts for me.  I had not shopped on Content Beauty’s website prior to this and I had never thought of buying any make-up online without trying in store first. This last part was the bit that gave me the most fear, as there are often so many colour choices, consistencies and tones. Thankfully the lovely online customer services peeps at Content Beauty put me on the right track.

I sit here now knowing that I like …. actually love… all of my new purchases and have some new green beauty brands to turn to. I have not been left thinking “perhaps I should have got something else instead”….. always a great sign. In my Part 1 of this blog I looked at W3ll People and in this part I will look my Vapour Organic Beauty purchase.

Vapour Organic Beauty was one of the brands I had wanted to try for a while and I actually found myself holding back clicking more into the shopping basket! My first product to try was the Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous Foundation (£37).  I was swithering between this foundation and one by W3ll People but chose this one for the luminosity more than anything else! Coupled with the fact that this award winning foundation was the product that actually launched this organic and natural brand.

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation comes in a stick, which is slowly becoming my favourite way to dispense face makeup. So easy to glide on and then mix onto the skin with your fingers. I also find that there is less wastage with a stick as I am often heavy handed when it comes to dispensing with tubes and bottles. I am normally a tinted moisturiser kind of girl, primarily because I hate feeling like my skin can’t breathe and foundations traditionally have always left my skin feeling so heavy and caked! To be honest I have found them more ageing …. which is never a look I have wanted to achieve!

I found this foundation to be a natural looking product really comfortable to wear. There was no caked on makeup look. Atmosphere Luminous Foundation is really easy to blend with my finger tips and perfect to apply. It has a creamy texture that leaves your skin with a healthy dewy glow and looking fairly flawless.  I should say that the stick did not dissolve upon application to my face … great! This seems to be the kind of product that can give you any coverage you want. I go for the more sheer to medium coverage, but after a little play I know that I could get more coverage if I wanted it through layering. I love that it does not leave an overly matte finish and in fact leaves my skin with a radiance. I was recommended to try the colour 123, the most popular shade and ideal for those with a “touch of outdoor colour”…. that will be me and apparently this is the one that Content Beauty’s store owner uses. With a great range of colours to choose from I am fairly sure that most people could find a good match. Content Beauty explains the shades really simplistically and they were great at answering any questions I had…. which were a lot of questions.

This 100% natural and chemical free foundation is made up of 70% Certified Organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigment and vitamins.  For the super eco-friendly people out there this product is made harnessing wind power… pretty cool! For those who want to look pretty, it’s light reflective properties left my normal to dry skin looking fairly awesome.  It also smells really good thanks to added frankincense, holy basil and lotus flowers. Did it last? Yes, this product survived the whole day at a wedding test! Would I recommend? 100%. Some foundations seem to enhance fine lines, this one did not… ultimate bonus as far as I am concerned.  To me it feels like a tinted moisturiser with a little more coverage. Very lightweight. Totally skin enhancing. Super portable to take with you where ever you go.


Have you tried any of Vapour Organic Beauty’s products?

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