Feminine Care – Natural & Organic

Feminine Care – Natural & Organic

I have been asked by a number of readers if I have ever covered natural sanitary towels in my blog. The straight answer was not yet, but there were a couple of brands out there to recommend – Natracare (www.natracare.com) and Naty (www.naty.com).

Up until recently I was unaware that a great number of sanitary pads are largely made up of plastic or petrochemicals and the rest (sometimes as little as 10%) is normally chlorine bleached pulp. These synthetic sanitary products make a great breeding ground for bacteria and thrush as without a breathable core, they trap in heat and dampness and can cause irritation.


c. Natracare

Given the delicate nature of the skin they are touching, it is little wonder that more women are turning to using natural sanitary products. As we become more aware of the effects that these synthetic products have on our bodies and as we learn more of the negative impact their disposal  has on the environment,  it is clear going natural has so many benefits.

  • Plastic free
  • Chlorine free
  • Perfume free
  • Biodegradable
  • Skin friendly
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Breathable
  • Made of  natural and renewable material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable
  • Different sizes and flows available.
c. Naty

Both of these brands can be found on Big Green Smile (www.biggreensmile.com) and at local health food shops. Natracare is also available at Nature’s Healthbox (www.natureshealthbox.co.uk)

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