Soothe Cleansing Oil

Soothe Cleansing Oil

I have never been a fan of cucumbers …  full stop and as for cucumber smelling skincare products ….. well, I have traditionally stayed clear of them due to the smell. So, when I opened a stunningly boxed package from the 100% natural Mallow + White, my heart kind of sank a little when I read cucumber on the side of the bottle.  I have loved every other product out of this stable so I was not going to let this “c” word put me off. Dear reader, Mallow + White’s Soothe Cleansing Oil had been applied on my skin just once and I knew my mind was being changed.  This fragrance free cleansing oil smells beautifully fresh and was developed with sensitive skin in mind.  Made out of only 5 ingredients, the Soothe Cleansing Oil is an utter dream to pamper your face with at the end of the day. It is also brilliant at taking off eye make up!


The blend of cucumber seed, rice bran, apricot kernel, jojoba and grapeseed oils feel cooling, calming and nourishing without leaving any grease on your skin. I also love that it does not clog my pores. My skin is not always particularly sensitive, but when my daughter had a bit of skin reaction to something recently, I turned to this gorgeous oil to cleanse her face each day.  It is wonderfully gentle.

The hand-blended Soothe Cleansing Oil by Mallow + White, is now one of my go to daily cleansers. And the cucumber smell….  I love it. I am also curious to see how I would get on with the rest of the Soothe range from Mallow + White.

P.s …..  A side note for Mallow + White….. my daughter has asked if you can develop a little pump bottle for her so she can use the oil without my help! I think she is a fan too.