Lurk Perfumes – 100% pure essential oils

Lurk Perfumes – 100% pure essential oils

There is something about a fragrance that can put you in the right frame of mind, make you feel good and generally smell gorgeous. Over the years I have been turned off most of the un-natural high street fragrances or the ones you get doused in as you walk through the airport duty free…. urgh I hate that! Pretty much all of the mainstream fragrances out there are not natural and are filled with many not so skin friendly chemicals. So the search for a new beautiful smelling fragrance filled with equally beautiful green beauty ingredients is a tough one …. where start?   A few years ago I was reading Stella Magazine one day and came across Lurk ( a range of hand made natural fragrances from New York.


Who are Lurk? Based in New York, they make a range of exquisite all natural perfumes in small batches.  Each essential oil fragrance is hand blended with jojoba oil before being hand poured …. yes each and every one is hand poured …. and there is not a sniff of chemical additives or water or alcohol or hidden chemicals added. Hands up I was a bit nervous to not be able to try these fragrances in store, I mean to me fragrance is so personaI. I got in contact with the lovely people at Lurk who arranged for samples to be sent to me and my own little scent finding session started. Lurk have changed my perception of natural fragrances in a big way!

One of the first things that stood out for me, apart from the ingredients, amazing smells and with such luxurious and evocative feel to them, was that the fragrances are not named in the same way as the rest of the fragrance market place. You can choose between PRJ V1, AS01, BSOO3, RSW 005 and TBP V1.  They are unisex and the names allow the individual to have no pre-conceptions of what the fragrance will smell like. They are all unique and have their own aromatherapeutic qualities. They are anything but mainstream. They are artisan and Lurk are really good at what they do…. and I mean seriously good.

Lurk Made

The fragrances by Lurk are refreshing, some are sultry, some are smooth, some are alluring and it is really hard to choose a favourite. PRJV1, I wore on my son’s first day at school, so will always be special. It is a heady mix of jasmine, rose and petitgrain. TBPV1 is slightly sweeter and a mix of florals and black pepper. RSW005 blends together sandalwood and rose. AS01 wonderfully mixes cedarwood, rose and tuberose. Finally BS003 blends woody with citrus and sweet bergamot. Each is perfect and you will easily find one to suit your mood on any given day. As with all fragrances they are personal to the wearer, but each of these are very special. Lurk have fragrances oil and Eau de Toilettes in their ranges.

Try them for yourself.  These are 5* Star Fifi Friendly fragrances. Loving Lurk.