House of Hound…….

A new puppy descended on the Fifi Friendly household this week and one of my lovely neighbours asked if I had sniffed out any natural dog food. I had not at that point….but what a difference a few days make. Who knew there was such a big market out there for natural food loving canines! Fantastic.Whilst researching a couple brands I came upon the House of Hound store in Edinburgh ( Fast forward a couple of hours and I excitedly entered this awesome haven to all things doggy and natural.

Now I have a whole new genre of shops to peruse……it’s all about the dogs.  House of Hound is a fab dog boutique in the west of Edinburgh which I have fallen in love with. Not only are the owners warm, knowledgeable, honest about the brands and really helpful, they clearly love dogs and love what they do. Whether you want to pamper your pooch, buy them an exquisite new bed or give them a natural diet/treat or shampoo, this store is top class.

I went in to look around and find some natural treats for our new puppy.  I try to be careful about what the rest of family eats, so why should the dog be any different. Growing up we had dogs and  I know my mum spent time diligently choosing good brands, but I also distinctly remember at one time having to dish out tripe in the dogs bowl…..natural, but utterly vile smelling. Given that the “tripe years” were nearly 20 years ago, it is surprisingly how my face still winces at the thought. It is fair to say House of Hound is a different world away from those days. No tripe in sight…thank goodness….but there is a beautifully clean store with great range of stock.  Pooch perfect toys, beds, shampoos, dog tea, food, treats, bowls and more. We purchased treats from two brands: – Pooch & Mutt ( and Betty Miller (

Pooch & Mutt Puppy Development is brand who promote naturally powered pet health and have a range of food, treats and supplements. The treats come  in a great cylinder shaped container with lid which I think is great packaging, as it will keep the product fresher for longer but also saves spilling treats everywhere.   With chicken, linseed and chicory at the heart of its composition, these treats are a great little source of omega 3 and pre-biotics, both of which benefit the puppy’s brain and digestive development.

The Puppy Development Mini Bone Treats apparently taste awesome as our pooch goes wild when he gets one withing a 5 metre radius of him. From a human point of view they are ethical, hand baked, only use natural ingredients, gluten & wheat free, contain no added salt or sugar and hypoallergenic. Pooch & Mutt are a UK based brand and have ethical and PETA accreditation. Big thumbs up.

Betty Miller’s Puppy Dog Treats was our second purchase. They are oven baked in the UK and come from a range that includes treats and working dog food. This handy sized pack contains puppy suitable treats that are wheat & gluten free, all natural, no added sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives. As a goats’ milk drinker myself, I was surprised to see this in the ingredients list. The rest of the ingredients are a digestible protein mix of rice, oats, chicken, chicken gravy, egg and rosemary extract. As soon as I crunch the packet our fido comes running….amazing how he has cottoned on so quickly to a good thing! They are good a biteable size and easy to hold in your hand when training.

In the same way, different humans benefit from different diets, there are natural dog food diets for all canines regardless of age or situation. If you have a pet and are fed up of over processed pet food and treats that are mass market produced  you should visit the team at House of Hound and try these products. In fact you should look House of Hound up for anything you need for your dog, they are a great find. There is something calming, inviting and fun about this store. Love it. Great to find some Fifi Friendly Fido approved natural dog treats here also……. and he does approve!!

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  1. January 25, 2015 / 9:45 am

    awwh your puppy is so cute! I've got a great recipe to make your own doggie biscuits if you want it! x

  2. January 25, 2015 / 9:46 am

    Go for it, would love to hear about it!