Gluten Free Halloween Feet-Loaf

Gluten Free  Halloween Feet-Loaf

I am not sure what is happening but the kids are going crazy for Halloween this year. When I say crazy, I mean they are desperate to get the house all decked out in Halloween decorations ….. like now! Much as I love the enthusiasm I am have been looking at ways to embrace this Halloween vibe, just without adorning my house in fake cobwebs, pumpkins, witches and skeletons.

My first ports of call were Instagram and Pinterest where it didn’t take too long to find some Halloween inspired recipes.  Dear reader I would like to introduce you to Feet-loaf. Brilliant. It ticks a load of boxes too. Easy to make and the kids can help too, surprisingly healthy, can be made gluten free,  great source of protein for all the family and can also be used the next day in sandwiches….. ta dah!

What you will need:

500g Minced beef, pork or lamb

1 finely chopped onion

1 chopped pepper

28g applesauce  (we used apple puree)

60g gluten free breadcrumbs or cornflakes

2 eggs

50 ml milk

3tsp gluten free Worcestershire sauce

Salt and Pepper to taste




Cooking Instructions

Fry the onion and pepper on a medium heat until softened. Make sure to keep some pepper or onion aside for the toe nails. Add the cooked onion and pepper with the minced meat, breadcrumbs and Worcestershire sauce in a large mixing bowl. In another bowl whisk the eggs and then add these with the milk to the meat mixture and combine with your hands. Lift the mixture onto a baking sheet or tin foil lined baking tray and make a foot shape. This is easiest done with wet hands. Add ketchup and peppers for toe nails. Cook for 30 mins at 200 oC.

We left ours to rest for about 10 mins and then tucked in.

Finding recipes that are healthy and interesting for kids can be hard. Let’s be honest many kids get bored with bolognese, burgers and the usual suspects! Why not take to social media to get some inspiration.  Red meat like beef, lamb or pork include a number of important nutrients like iron, zinc, B vitamins, selenium and potassium. All of which are beneficial for toddlers and children having a healthy balanced diet.

We found a load of new recipes, so keep an eye out for what comes next 🙂

This post is an entry for the Britmums #Healthyredmeat challenge which is sponsored by the Meat Advisory Panel.