Ecover Fabric Conditioner & Toilet Cleaner

Ecovering a new way to clean, Part 2……..

In the second part of my review of Ecover cleaning products, I will be looking at their Gardenia and Vanilla Fabric Conditioner and Triple Action Toilet Cleaner. I remember the days when I did a couple of loads of washing a week….. ahhhhh long distant memory. Nowadays, thanks to my two children, I seem to have a load on everyday…. on a good day.


Part of my Ecover haul was the Gardenia and Vanilla Fabric Softener. This fully biodegradable product continues Ecover’s work with plant-based ingredients. Like the rest of the fabric conditioner range this has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and is suitable for septic tanks. You know how some detergents and fabric softeners just smell synthetically like…. detergent…. well, this one definitely smells less synthetic. The floral fragrance was mild and left a subtle scent.

Ecover fabric softener


Other things you might want to know is that it is palm oil free and is never tested on animals! I also like that you can buy these conditioners in a compact bottle as well and give top marks for a measurement cap does not leak down the side of the bottle either! We use this fabric conditioner or the Rose & Bergamot one…. smells lush too!

Last on my Ecover list was the Triple Action Toilet Cleaner- in Pine Fresh. This opaque coloured liquid did not smell of bleach or have the vapours of bleach.  Ten points straight away. It was really easy to dispense around the rim and also in the toilet. This toilet cleaner did not just disappear after the first flush, it continued to cling to the toilet and produce a soft foam. The fragrance was pine like…. what a shocker given its name…. but again it was a fresh and natural smell. Suitable for septic tanks, it claimed to clean, de-calcify and freshen.


Ecover toilet cleanerThe bleach is banned and the Fifi Friendly household.  We have wholeheartedly moved over to a more natural way of cleaning. Yes, these products can be more expensive than the chemical ridden alternatives, unless you buy when there are deals on, but they are great quality more natural products. What I love about Ecover is how they fuse their high standards in environmental and ethical concerns with the great cleaning ability of their natural products. They have taken on board the remarkable cleaning strength that nature has and produce products that allow us, as consumers, to clean without the use of petrochemicals, SLS foaming agents, artificial fragrances and all manner of other toxins.

Each of the products I have tried a clean well and do not harm the wider ecosystem. How can you argue with that!! My days of sitting out the cleaning are sadly over.