Bruce Masefield Hair Salon

Bruce Masefield Hair Salon

Beauty // Earlier this week I visited the sublime Bruce Masefield Hair Salon in Edinburgh . This is not like any old hairdressers. No, this bright and airy salon was designed to feel like a modern Parisian apartment and simply is a joy to spend some downtime in. Bruce Masefield has a stellar background and has received industry praise and prestigious awards for his work both as the UK Creative Director at Sassoon and also for his legendary skills at fashion week runways shows, in photo shoots and also training the hairdressers of the future. To be fair there isn’t much that Bruce doesn’t know about hair so I was excited, albeit a little daunted about getting my feral locks cut by the main man himself.

I was relieved to find Bruce to be incredibly approachable, honest, had thoroughly great chat and I was put at ease instantly. In fact I found the rest of his team the same. Barely a week has passed since my visit and I have learned a few things. I have loved having hair that has saved me time in drying and styling! It has been one of my easiest cuts to recreate at home …. ever and I have not needed to reach for any straighteners to tame my tresses. Bruce knows how to give real and wearable haircuts that create everyday looks with an edge of effortless luxury. Brilliant!

Trust me, after a few trial and errors of hairstyles over the years this cut has been a game changer for me. It suits my lifestyle, personality and does a pretty good job at making me less aware of the parts of my face I would love to hide. So lovelies, my visit to Bruce Masefield has been one of my favourite finds of 2017 and is a must visit for anyone living in or visiting Edinburgh!

Massive big fat Fifi Friendly 5 star to the guys at Bruce Masefield.