Is this the best blender? ( and juicer, ice-cream maker, grinder, hot drink maker?)

Is this the best blender? ( and juicer, ice-cream maker, grinder, hot drink maker?)

Miracle of miracles ….. my full household de-clutter has made my kitchen an easier place to navigate. Gone are the extra plates, glasses, mugs and cutlery that were never used. Woo hoo, loads of space. There are also a hell of a lot less kitchen paraphernalia in the small appliance cupboard because my Juicy Retreats JR Touch 3 Quantum blender ….. (previously called Quantum T-101) ….. has helped me recycle another 4 machines. Basically this one BPA free machine has pre-installed programmes to make or do all of the following

  • whole juices
  • smoothies
  • hot drinks
  • soups
  • ice cream
  • grinder function for dressings, sauces, batters, nuts and flour
  • pulse
  • cyclone jar that makes nut butter, hummus, puree and seed paste

So far our favourite recipes with this Juicy Retreats JR Touch 3 Quantum blender include an utterly delicious hot chocolate,  date energy balls, green smoothies, soup, hummus and fruit sorbet all in this one machine. Brilliant. So what do I like so much about this wonder blender apart from the fact you don’t have to change the stainless steel blades.



This has to be one of the quietest and most powerful blenders I have ever used thanks to the brushless motor technology.  The pre-set functions are super to use and easy to adjust with the digital smart touch slider control.  For me one of the standouts to the JR Touch 3 Quantum is how easy it is to lift the reasonably light 2 litre BPA free jug onto and off of its base. This may sounds like a strange stand out, but trust me when you are making a smoothie and only have one hand free, this is a big standout. The safety sensor technology also means that the jug has to sit solidly on the base before it will work.

The JR Touch 3 Quantum (JR Quantum T -101) comes with 2L BPA free jug, stainless steel  blades, spatula, mixing tamper tool, instruction manual and recipe book. My box also included an optional cyclone jar which I would highly recommend.  The machine base and jar comes with a fantastic 7 year parts warranty and a whopping 10 year warranty for the motor. This has to be one of the easiest to clean blenders I have tried. Given that we use it most days that is no bad thing.

Check out for more info. There will be a Youtube video up later this evening to show you a little more.

Bye for now.