Stains vs Ecover


….. and the award for most hard working product this week in the Fifi Friendly household …. apart from my anti-wrinkle cream…. goes to this bio laundry from Ecover.

The other night my son stealthily decided to take his glow in the dark putty for a nap in the guest bedroom….. you know as you do!  So, the combination was this …. expensive bedding (also good to note here that it was ironed too) and luminous yellowy green sludge.  Can you guess what happened next …. ta dah said sludge was inground into the base sheet, pillow and fancy egyptian cotton duvet cover! My immediate response was wtf…. followed by a video call to his father because I initially did not know it was putty ….. followed swiftly by a search to source new replacement Egyptian cotton bed linen after being told there was no danger this putty stain would come out.

Enter the Ecover Bio Laundry…. after one wash there was a massive difference…. after the second wash….. holy macaroni this stuff has shifted the dried in putty and the radioactive stain!!! Ya dancer. Thanks Ecover

p.s all gifted putty and slime has been banned from this household with immediate effect 🤪. Ecover …. saved the day… thank you!