My facial with REN


Facials are one of those things that you forget how great they feel… until you have your next one.  Luckily our local Marks & Spencer Beauty team have been inviting in some great beauty brands to offer their customers some facials in store. At the end of an out-rightly rubbish week, the lovely REN skincare team were challenged with bringing back some glow to my bedraggled face.

Boy did this facial work well and pretty fast too. I was cleansed, glycolic peeled, radiance serumed, vitamin c’d, balmed, spritzed, primed ….. oh and hand exfoliated and massaged. The fabulous REN team totally re-invigorated my skin and sent me back out into the world with a pretty awesome glow!



I have been a bit of a REN fan for the longest time ….. about  15 years. Don’t let their “Clean Skincare” tagline fool you …. REN is all about the performance whilst using 100% plant and mineral derived active ingredients.  There is a product range for every skin type or concern including sensitive, hormonal, anti- ageing, sensitive, oily or dry. They also have a number of highly effective body products ….AHA Body Serum is amazing …. and their face primer Perfect Canvas works brilliantly under my make up.

One of the new products that I got to try on the day was the fabulous REN Evercalm Night Balm ….. you literally need the smallest amount but it is such a night-time treat … especially at this time of year.


I tend to use products from three main ranges, here are some of my REN skincare favourites…. I would love to know which of REN’s Products gets your votes.


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