method Air Freshener

We had a bit of an incident in the Fifi Friendly household, our 9 month old Lab decided that he wanted to steal the roast chicken I had cooked, even though it was at the back of the kitchen work surface!  One very happy dog. One not so happy me as it meant that the remaining roast chicken was bin bound!! To add insult to injury, the utility room that houses our bin, still stinks of chicken …. even after the bin was emptied!

Perfect opportunity for me to test my new method Air Freshener!  If you read the blog regularly you will know that I already use a number of method products in the house, but I am new to their air freshener.   First off, method don’t hold back on their modern packaging and this is perfectly shown in this innovatively designed product.  This spray is not pressurised and is not propelled by toxic chemicals like CFCs. It has a super clever airtight chamber that harnesses the power of compressed air to propel a continuous spray. Making this product even better is the scent of these plant friendly fragrances.

I love the vibrant colours that have been used in each of the scents :- Wild Poppy, Beach Sage, Sweet Tangerine,  French Lavender and Fresh Clover.  I have been using Wild Poppy to make my house smell a little less …. well  chickeny! When you press the protected nozzle top a fine spray of natural fragrance comes out and it comes out surprisingly even! I did notice…after testing the continuous spray claim… that the floor beneath the spray did have some moisture on it, so I would be careful where I was spraying it (ie not vigorously spraying over non- wipeable surfaces).

Doesn’t work. YES! Can I smell chicken. No, I smell a really nice floral scent that is anything but synthetic. Thank goodness. Wonderfully natural smelling and it is safe to use around the whole family, including chicken loving dog. method have hit the nail on the head again with this product. It joins the rest of their superb non- toxic and  ecologically responsible range. £3.50 for 200ml.

Have you tried any of the other air fresheners in this range?

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