Koko Dairy Free

One of the things I love about doing this blog is that it gives me lots of great excuses to try and discover new products. There are some things that I try and they are never tried again. On the flip side, there are some products that are great and have my house totally obsessed with them. Koko Dairy Free is on of these products.

This dairy free alternative to milk is made from coconuts and has gone down a treat in my household. We have tried it as a hot drink, cold drink, in cereal, added it to lunch bags and in porridge,to name a few. If you are not a fan of soya milk, almond milk, if cow’s milk does not work for you, if you are lactose intolerant or simply if you want a refreshing drink, you have to try Koko Dairy Free.

Here is the numbers bit. Koko Dairy Free has less fat than cow milk, has less calories, contains calcium (250ml contains 37.5% RDA), is vitamin rich and is low in protein. If you want to read more about scientific bits there are more details here. For all of the above and the fact it is also gluten free, I have found this to be utterly Fifi Friendly.

We have now tried all three flavours – Original, Strawberry and Chocolate – and took both the 250ml and 1 litres sizes away with us this weekend. We had the Chocolate  Koko Dairy Free at breakfast, used the Original Koko Dairy Free in our cereal and then had the Strawberry Koko Dairy Free in our packed lunch.

The 250ml carton comes with a handy straw, but can also be stored in the fridge for 5 days after it is opened. We have not had to put it in the fridge after opening as it seems to be drunk up in one go! There are no artificial flavours or colours and it is incredibly tasty. One of my family that I tried it on,  was expecting it to taste of coconuts, but it doesn’t really, which is a surprise.

I have heard you can use Koko Dairy Free in baking, which I can believe,  as it tastes surprisingly like normal milk. I have now tried it in a smoothie with bananas and strawberries, which was incredible. This morning  I used the Chocolate Koko Dairy Free and made my coffee at the hotel into great mocha. I also love that the Koko Dairy Free did not curdle in my coffee as soya milk is prone to doing!

Have you tried Koko Dairy Free?