Little Aurelia – Product Review

Little Aurelia

GREEN BEAUTY// Little Aurelia has not fallen far from the Aurelia tree when it comes to gorgeous products! Blending gentle and effective botanical extracts with essential oils, Little Aurelia has created a range for little ones that has become one of the most talked about new launches of 2017. The products are simply divine and Little Aurelia’s charming Woodland Friends illustrated packaging was as quick to be snapped on Instagram as the products were to winning awards.

My two have taken to the skin soothing and nourishing Little Aurelia range as part of their mini self-care Sunday…..  to be honest they also like using the products every day of the week! We start off with the sulfate free and nourishing Sleep Time Top to Toe Wash. This hair and body wash smells fresh and relaxing and like the rest of the range, sticks to a strict ingredients policy which includes ethically sourced, BioOrganic and cruelty free ingredients that are also free from sulphates, parabens and mineral oils. Although all the products contain the Little Aurelia night-time blend of oils, they are definitely not overpowering for small noses.

Fifi Friendly
Bathtime is rarely without this shower cap!

Snuggle up

As you know my little ones love a massage and the Sleep Time Bath & Massage Oil is perfect for this! The lightweight formula sinks in easily during a massage and does not stick to pyjamas afterwards.  Post massage, my two get their jammies on and I spray their pillows with the sleep inducing Sleep Time Pillow Mist, before we all snuggle in to read one of the Sleep Time Tales. I love the addition of this illustrated book of short stories and poems to the range!

The Little Aurelia range and the magical Woodland Friends characters of Arthur the Mouse, Cecil the Cat, Ottilie the Bunny and Little Ruby Rabbit have become a cosy addition to our night-time routine! You can find out more about the range at Little Aurelia.

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