Hay fever handbag must haves

natural hay fever hand bag must haves

Ok, something is going on. We have been getting some serious vitamin D lately. Dare I say it ….  way more than expected for April in Scotland! We have been enjoying being outdoors more …. just not loving the spring time allergies as much. With that in mind we have a few fail safe items that we have been carrying with us to help keep hay fever flare ups to a minimum.

  • Sunglasses are not just for looking glam, they are also brilliant for those who suffer with hay fever. Perfect for protection your eyes from the sun as well as pollen and other eye bothering particles in the air.
  • Extra soft tissues or hankies are a must and we invariably always have a large box of tissues in the car. Nobody wants to use harsh tissues on their already red and irritated nose during a sneeze fest!
  • Saline eye drops are a life saver for the dreaded itchy, scratchy and red-eye situation that often comes along with hay fever.
  • Nasal sprays are super effective at symptom relief during a hay fever flare up. I also really recommend saline nasal sprays like Sterimar prior to using any allergy relief.
  • Bee Prepared with natural hayfever remedies. Safe to say I often forget things in the house, but if they are in my handbag then we are sorted! Love the Unbeelievable Health range of natural hayfever remedies which I now keep in my bag!
  • Haymax is an award-winning allergen barrier balm that geniusly traps allergens using natural ingredients. Simply apply to the nostrils and let the balm get to work by trapping the allergens. I found my symptoms were triggered less often whilst using this product. It is natural so can be used with other medication. Suitable for children and pregnant women too!