Douchebags – A smart travel companion

Douchebags – A smart travel companion

Hands up if you have been on a plane and watched your luggage being thrown about with woeful Olympic athleticism by some baggage handlers below. We have had a few occasions where our hold luggage has been returned to us on the conveyor belt ripped or dented and on one occasion our bag was wide open after being broken. When it comes to choosing a travel bag we have learned to look for durability and good design as a result.

There are endless options out there but this summer I have been looking into a couple of luxury brands that take a more sustainable approach. For the last 5 years Douchebags have been designing award winning, functional, durable and intelligent travel solutions.  Based in Norway, but renowned worldwide, their range includes high-end and durable travel gear for the sports enthusiast, urban jetsetter and everyday traveller and now also includes some vegan friendly options too.  I wanted to find out how they would work for our Fifi Friendly family.


The brand was co-founded by You Tube favourite, champion freeskier, Instagram Influencer, adrenaline junkie and entrepreneur Jon Olsson, who clearly enjoys putting all of the lightweight but protective products through some hands on and rigorous testing before they are launched. However, I wanted to share a couple of reasons why these products are more eco-conscious than you might think.

Douchebags want to produce a range that is as reliable as it is durable. By using some of the strongest fabrics in on the market a Douchebag will last longer and ultimately will help the owner go through fewer bags in their lifetime. Another great selling point is their flagship product “The Douchebag”  which is length adjustable. This flexibility means they take up less space during transport and storage, and thus contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions from fuel.

c. Douchebags

Even though Douchebags is still a small company all of their products are manufactured in accordance with all requirements in Norway and the EU’s own regulations REACH. “REACH” deals with regulation, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals and apply in Norway through the EEA Agreement. The regulations require that importers or manufacturers of chemicals must document properties of the substance before it can be imported or produced.

When it comes to manufacturing, Douchebags look to develop more environmentally friendly materials, which are strong as well as durable. Furthermore they are constantly striving to improve their production lines in relation to environmental friendliness and CO2 emissions.  I am excited to see what comes next from this progressive brand.