What is the luxury best hotel in the UK?

What is the luxury best hotel in the UK?

If you were asked where your favourite UK hotel stay had been, what would you say? Instagram poses me many interesting questions, but last night I was asked this question I had to take some time to think. There have been some great overnight contenders. It has only taken me 16 hours of to-ing, fro-ing and lots of considerations to be taken into account. Great hotels excel with the room, the hotel itself, the staff and then there is the all important breakfast. ( I have stayed at a luxury resort recently but it was severely let down by what I can only describe as a pathetic attempt at breakfast …. breakfast is the most important meal of the day people …. especially if you are staying on a bed and breakfast basis). Ta dah….  I eventually got my top 3 hotels down to my favourite UK hotel to stay at.

My stay at Lime Wood  in the New Forest takes the top spot.  The room, the dinner, the spa, the staff, the grounds and then the breakfast were all outstanding. This hotel does relaxation, food and pampering to such a high standard. To find out what made this hotel so special check out my reviews below.

Herb House Spa and Raw & Cured

Lime Wood Hotel – The Room an Hartnett Holder & Co

Have you been to Lime Wood, The Herb House or Hartnett Holder & Co?