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Growing up I used to be told to make sure I was eating enough vitamin C from my Granny. “It keeps you healthy!”.  Often this was as she poured my daily massive glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Little did I know that this wonder vitamin isn’t just good for boosting your immune system. You see, vitamin C is also one of the most potent anti-aging ingredients for my skin.  It not only brilliantly packs an antioxidant punch, brightens and glows but is also great at when it comes to sun damage.

Basically vitamin C should be part of all of our skincare routines. It protects against and repairs the damage from UV and free radicals. Those pesky free radicals lead to collagen breakdown and wrinkles,  they are also everywhere…. from the sun to pollution. When it comes to great looking skin collagen makes a difference, as an ascorbic acid, vitamin C stimulates collagen production. So if you want firmer, more plump and smoother looking skin then vitamin C will help. Huzzah for this skincare hero because you know, glowing skin is always in!


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My Vitamin C Skincare Faves

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vitamin C Glow Powder – Just wow! Can I shout stop press with this first product? Time to transform any lacklustre and bleugh skin with these firm favourites. I first had a box of these brought over from the States by my obliging sister in law after Fleur De Force raved about them. To be honest I was pretty sceptical, I mean they say they work in 30 seconds but how can anything be that great. Single handedly the one product that wised me up to the joys of vitamin C in skincare.

This foaming facial powder has a whopping 20% vitamin C and is activated with water. Hello brighter and smoother transformed skin in less than a minute…. 30 sec + washing off time + time to sit and gawp at how great skin looks in the mirror. I love that this pore refining and brightening product smells amazeballs and it comes in individual wrapped packets too. Literally the fastest way to get instantly glowing skin. I love this Fresh Beauty ….can you tell? Love it so much I often hand out an on the go glow sachet to friends, family and skin doctors! Personally I like to use these once or twice a week. Preparation can be a little messy …. but the results are worth it. £32 for 12 packets.


Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Deep Cream – Although this gorgeous cream feels pretty rich in texture, it is way less heavy on application than I was expecting.  Perfect for tired looking skin, this hydrating and glow providing skin hero absorbs well. Ultimately it helps to reduce dark spots and fine lines while helping prevent the formation of future damage. I personally notice a difference in my skin’s tone and texture pretty quickly when using this product. A small amount does go a long way. This cream is gloriously hydrating. Ingredients include camellia, japonica seed, sunflower and rice bran extracts to help repair the skin’s barrier and reduce trans-epidermal water loss.

Unlike the other vitamin C products in this list, this cream does not have the same lush citrus smell that I am addicted to. It is however, like many other Dr Dennis Gross products,  free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates and is vegan and cruelty-free. Great for adding to your AM routine if you have dehydrated skin, but I also really like to use this product in the evening. Oily skins may find this too heavy for during the day. £77 for 50ml.


REN Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream – Another blinder of a product from REN and this Vitamin C Gel Cream does not disappoint. Although it is lightweight, do not let that fool you into thinking the results are lightweight too! As with ever REN product I have tried, this one is as highly effective as it is clean.  I love that REN is considered when it comes to having effective products that are good to your skin. They don’t contain pesky harsh chemicals, but also appreciate their commitment to the environment and being cruelty free.

Gel cream moisturisers are normally not my go to, but I do adore this refreshingly scented one. Designed to help illuminate your skin and reduce signs of hyperpigmentation, it neutralises environmental aggressors too. Key ingredients in this radiance boosting cream include skin illuminating vitamin C….obviously, the name kind of gives that away! Other ingredients include Tara Pod extract to help improve uneven skin tone and skin nourishing magnesium. Perfect for daily use and on all skin types too. It quickly and easily melts into my skin and leaves no tackiness.  Great for use on all skin types, even sensitive and especially those with hyperpigmentation. £38 for 50ml.


Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum– The one that is perfect for every skin type …. yes including you over there with the sensitive skin. Delish, delish, delish!!!! My love for Balance Me products is never ending at the moment.  Their Vitamin C Repair Serum is one of the newest members of my skincare rotation and has settled in nicely to my skincare hero shelf. Sublimely lightweight yet powerful, this radiance boosting serum uses stabilised vitamin C which is known for its efficacy when it comes to targeting dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

As a big hyaluronic acid fan I was pleased to see it in the ingredients list. If you are looking for a zero irritation vitamin C skincare product I highly recommend trying this one. I have so far converted a number of friends and family to the wonders of this Balance Me serum. It smells deliciously good and layers effortlessly under make-up. I personally love to use a light moisturiser on top but other days my skin is good to go after this serum. £32 for 30ml.

vitamin C Skincare

Dr David Jack Good Morning Anti-Oxidant Super Serum – There is a reason…. actually several …. why Dr David Jack has such a legion of fans.  He seriously knows his stuff, has a professional yet friendly down to earth manner and is not afraid to be innovative. From my perspective he is brilliant at what he does. Oh…. can I and in that he also does a good Instastory!  On top of his incredibly busy and highly acclaimed Harley Street Clinic, my fellow Scot has an award winning skincare and supplement line that is so good, it keeps selling out.

I first bought his Good Morning Anti-Oxidant Super Serum earlier this year from Space NK and I enjoyed using this product from the get go. In fact, in way less than a fortnight of using this pretty perfect serum I noticed some positive changes in my skin. This gel like super serum boasts an environmental aggressor protecting and skin radiance boosting stabilized form of vitamin C, 10% L-ascorbic acid.  It was potent enough to work well but caused my often sensitive skin zero irritation.

If you have been frustrated with sticky texture or skin irritating vitamin C serums before, try this one. It is deliciously silky in texture, easy to apply and the citrusy orange smell really is the perfect invigorating dose in the morning. One of this things I love most about this lightweight product is the smoothness it gives my skin. For the heavy handed amongst us, you will love the easy to use pump dispensed bottle. One pump is all you need. £89 for 30 ml


Drunk Elephant C Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream – This eye cream absorbs super quickly and is beautifully hydrating. For me it feels light on application but works as hard as a more dense eye cream. If you know what I mean. Packed full of 5 forms of vitamin C, 8 peptides, vitamin E and some cucumber extract, this eye cream is dreamy. I like to use this sparingly because I feel the smallest of pumps gives me enough product for both eyes.  This is no bad thing given the cost of this eye cream. Great brightening product though and it never pills if you need to apply make up on top. My top tip is to keep it in the fridge, such a treat to apply when chilled. £54 for 15ml.


Do you use skincare with vitamin C to brighten your skin and protect it from further damage?


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