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No matter where your lifestyle sits on the chart of all things green … dipping your toe in the water or already living a fully fledged sustainable lifestyle… isn’t it good to learn some new ways to lead a greener life? Is it time to live a little greener ?

Starting from today I am going to be sharing some tips to help you do your bit to lead a greener life.

As it is Monday…. the start of the traditional working week…. let’s start off with emails. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t hazard a guess as to how many emails I get a day….. let alone in a week! I do know I am better at deleting ones that are of no interest but there are still loads in my inbox. Anyone else have a dislike for seeing loads of un-actioned emails? My work email I like to use as a to-do list but my yahoo… well it is like a free for all! It is full of old emails that were of no true interest at the time I opened them and way less use now. It is time to delete those bad boys.

Example of an email inbox…. does your’s have this many unread emails?

Diarise some time and have a mass cull of those emails. You wouldn’t have this many items sitting on your desk in paper form so why keep them on a cloud somewhere? Getting rid of them can be very cathartic and better still is being green and can reduce your carbon impact.

By the time an email reaches you, it will have a CO2 footprint of approx 4g. This includes the energy that is needed to send it, filter it, read it and house it in a data centre. This 4g is for a standard text email…. the ones with a picture or large attachments can have a carbon footprint of 10x that amount.

It is easy to just send emails but today take a moment to think about how much power is required to take it from sender to receiver. Think about the energy-guzzling data centres that emails are housed in. More importantly, if you don’t need the email…. live a little greener, save some cloud space and energy ….. delete it.

There will be more live a little greener tips coming this week. Keep an eye out for them.


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