The one product you don’t think you need ….. but trust me you do.


Is it too early to start thinking about skincare for Spring? Whatever the season, skin hydration is key. Did you know that the majority of us actually have dehydrated skin? Yes that includes oily skin types and also those suffering from acne. One product that all skin types can benefit from is by adding a mist to your skincare routine.

Isn’t it just fancy water in a spray? Well…. no! To those in the know a great hydrating mist is worth its weight in gold and the kind of product that you might not think you need…. but once you start using them you will never want to be mist-less again.

skincare hydration

Super refreshing, great primer and setter for makeup and perfect for hydrating on the go!! Whether it be in the morning or evening…. or how about a little spritz throughout the day

Ingredients to avoid include alcohol, silicone, polymer, mineral oil and fragrances.
I’m skin spritzing as we speak darling.


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