How to spa …. VIVAMAYR

How to spa …. VIVAMAYR

The start of a year is many things …. new beginnings … post crimbo lull …. and planning for the year ahead …. which can sometimes feel like a bit of a long uphill climb. Whatever you have in store for 2019, the first months of the year offer the perfect opportunity to make some positive lifestyle changes and plan some future getaways. Even better if you can combine the two…. time to plan a self-care filled spa break.

One such trip I have on my radar is a stay at the award-winning spas of Dr Mayr.

Vivamayr Altaussee



When your friend says they are off to spend a few weeks at VIVAMAYR, any form of jealousy is very much allowed. Whether it be at one of their health resorts at Maria Worth or Altaussee, or indeed at one of their detox clinics in London or Vienna, VIVAMAYR has one of the most acclaimed health and wellness programmes in the world.  I could leave it there… but lets continue.

Celebrated as a place to come and let your mind and body rest from modern-day life, the team at VIVAMAYR have an award-winning approach to all concerns including infertility, allergies, immune system deficiencies, burnout and finding inner balance again.

Vivamayr Altaussee


Dr. F.X. Mayr found that long-term health stems from a healthy gut.  You are what you eat after all. The Mayr team treat disease by making changes to the way you eat.  Breathwork and digestion are at the core of most of their individually tailored programmes. These programmes include a diet plan and immune boosting holistic treatments to help improve not only the patients gut health but also help revitalise and self-heal.

As for the surroundings, being settled in amongst the mountains where the air is clean and pure is the perfect place to reset. Guests leave with improved gut health, more energy and vibrant skin…. who is in?

Maria Worth



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