The Ingredient Edit …. Phthalates

The Ingredient Edit …. Phthalates

Time to learn a bit more about the ingredients on the back of your favourite beauty products?

First up, let’s talk about Phthalates! Found in the likes of nail polish (to reduce cracking) perfume, hair spray (to make it more flexible) and lotions, phthalates include dibutyl-phthalate, dimethyl-phthalate and diethyl-phthalate. These chemicals are often known as plasticisers and are used to increase the softness, transparency, longevity and flexibility of plastics. However they are known to be endocrine disrupters as well as being linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity.

Banned from the use in cosmetic and personal care products in the EU, phthalates are still prevalent in many products from the USA.


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