Can we talk about re-usable cups?

So, big thumbs up to all the clever brands out there making life a load easier for those trying to reduce the amount plastic in their lives. Earlier in the month the lovely guys at Huskup sent me one of their awesome cups to try and it has proved to be invaluable.  I have enjoyed taking it to my local deli for coffee, bringing an oat milk latte from home and also a refreshingly cold brew on my drive into the hospital.

Using a natural bi-product/waste from rice harvest, Huskup have designed a cup that can be used over and over again and that is ….

  • biodegradable
  • tree free
  • bpa free
  • microwave safe
  • durable
  • dishwasher safe
  • great for cold and hot drinks
  • food grade
  • contains no plastic

With the UK using over 2.5 billion single use cups a year isn’t it about time that you swapped over to a better option to help reduce waste, save money and save energy? Each single use cup that you drink from is probably only used for ten minutes while your enjoy your drink and then will spend the rest of its 300 year life in the landfill, incinerator or the sea!


Huskup comes in 12 different designs on for £10.95 and is brilliantly made from the outer hull of the rice grain, which is a bi- product. This natural product is durable, dishwasher safe and naturally biodegradable for when it reaches the end of its life with you. Best of all it is plastic, BPA and melamine free. I have the thumbs up one and also have my eye on the Huskup Pebble and Love in a Mist.

Plastic Free July is a great way time to start making small or big changes to your plastic consumption/use. How many of you have been your bit to live a little more plastic free? If someone can pass this on to our Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, please feel free. Anyone else spot the picture of him pitching up at an Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee meeting with government ministers whilst holding a single use and plastic lid disposable coffee cup? Yes the same Mr Gove who handed out bamboo coffee cups to his colleagues to help reduce the amount of disposable cups they were using!



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