Jeans + Sustainable Cotton + Under £35 = Buy buy buy

Jeans + Sustainable Cotton + Under £35 = Buy buy buy

In my constant search for the holy grail of the perfect pair of jeans I have been finding myself coming back to good old Marks and Spencers quite a bit recently. So today, as one of my old faithful jeans decided to rip in a not so fashionable place I have found myself taking a look at M&S to replace them. I love the variety of fits M&S have, the price and also that they have jeans that are 99% made from sustainable cotton. By 2019 100% of their cotton will come from sustainable sources.

Why are these ethically sourced jeans better? Well for starters the cotton farmers use less water and fewer pesticides but it does not stop there. Through the Better Cotton Initiative  the cotton producers gain environmental, economic and social benefits. Producing sustainable cotton is better for them, their working conditions, their health and also the wider environment. To find out more head over to

Here are some of the sustainable cotton denim I have been looking at to take me into spring 2018. All of them are under £35!



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