Why I started blogging & how

Why I started blogging & how

What started out as a little area to review some products that I loved, grew into blogging on Fifi Friendly. I often get asked why I started blogging and how, so I thought I would get it in a little video. I have been meaning to put this little video out for a bit. Please read I uploaded it back in march and only have just published! I get asked how I started writing or blogging! Why I started blogging? What blogging platform I use?…. and so many other questions. I hope this covers off a few of them.

Check out these places for some great tips on blogging, websites and making your first video!

The WordPress Workspace – https://thewpworkspace.com/

Natasha Courtenay Smith – http://natashacourtenaysmith.com

Thanks for all the questions and support.




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