Sustainable Cotton – Marks and Spencer

Sustainable Cotton – Marks and Spencer

Jeans have been a wardrobe staple of mine for …. well for a long time. I have embraced the flare, the Levi 501’s, the skinny, the ripped Bros style and even some dungarees …. yep that was attractive!  I love how easy jeans are. You can literally wear them with anything. In fact when my brother got married my dad asked me if I was going to be wearing my jeans to the wedding. Given that I was a bridesmaid I decided to go with just wearing a regular bridesmaids dress, although would have loved to have seen his face if I had turned up with my jeans on too.

Finding the perfect jeans for you is a bit of a holy grail, but with so many different options available it is a lot easier nowadays.  Along with the cut, colour and how big my bum looks in my jeans, I now like to factor in how sustainable the cotton is. This is in fact easier than I had thought.  Many high street stores are big on the sustainable front and shops like Marks and Spencer have jeans that are 99% made from sustainable cotton. In the next two years, 100% of their cotton will come from sustainable sources.

Why are these ethically sourced jeans better? Well for starters the cotton farmers use less water and fewer pesticides but it does not stop there. Through the Better Cotton Initiative  the cotton producers gain environmental, economic and social benefits. Producing sustainable cotton is better for them, their working conditions, their health and also the wider environment. To find out more head over to




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