Alchemy Oils – Hair

Alchemy Oils – Hair

Yesterday, my lovely hairdresser commented that my hair was feeling less dry than at my last visit. Finally …. halle-flipping-lujah! My hair has been in a bit of a dire strait since last year and we have been working hard to rid my barnet of the over-processed effect.

Amongst some other products, I have started to use some Alchemy Oils hair remedies … specifically the Grapefruit Hair Remedy and Amla Hair Remedy. Both products are first of all created using a fusion of hair and scalp loving natural essential oils.   Grapefruit Hair Remedy improves the condition and strength of your hair from within using coconut, almond, avocado, castor oils and grapefruit oil which is great for itchy or dandruff prone scalps. The hair growth stimulating Amla Hair Remedy includes amla, coconut, avocado and argan oils with some naturally cleansing lemon essential oil. I have found that using either hair remedy as an overnight treatment gave me the best results.  Every Sunday after a little face mask I like to apply one of the hair remedies all over my hair and scalp so it can work its wonders while I sleep. The next morning my hair is a lot more manageable, less frizzball looking, more shiny and I definitely have to use less conditioner! For the rest of the week I opt to use an extremely small amount of the oil on the ends of my hair whilst it is damp. I would love to see the packaging include a dropper or pump to avoid over pouring …. which is really easy to do with the wide necks of these bottles. Find out more about these Alchemy Hair Remedies  at  …. Alchemy Oils.




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