Green People – Beauty Boost Skin Restore

Green People – Beauty Boost Skin Restore

My KonMari style de-clutter now has me going through my drawers of products and having a good old clear out. First of all I have been checking the use by dates to see what needs to go in the bin. Furthermore I have been considering how much I still like the products. A little peek in my recycling bin shows there are a few I have fallen out of love with.  Yet, I love being this ruthless.  This process is also teaching which products I truly love, hence allowing me to fall in love with products all over again. Beauty Boost Skin Restore by Green People is one such product.

Just before I started this blog I applied this wonder product and I am realising why I love this fabulous treatment for my skin.  It is fabulously skin illuminating, balancing, smoothing and firming. It is fricking awesome.

To find out more about why I love this Green People product why not check out a YouTube vlog I did on it on its launch day

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