5 healthy teas you should be drinking

5 healthy teas you should be drinking

Dating back to ancient times people have been enjoying the instantly soothing benefits of a cup of tea. However, how many of you are you aware of the wonderful health benefits of your cuppa? Teas don’t just taste great, they are cooling in summer, warming in winter and filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In fact, tea has so many other benefits too. Tea hydrates you, you can drink it socially and good herbal teas can be medicinal whilst providing you with a spot of aromatherapy. Where do you start when it comes to looking at tea? There are so many varieties to choose from and various benefits from aiding digestion, calming, lowering cholesterol, giving energy and a good old detox.   Here are my 5 favourite healthy teas that you should be drinking.



Kombucha tea is a fermented Chinese tea that is perfect for a whole host of probiotic and antioxidants led benefits. These include being fantastic for digestion, improving skin elasticity, great for energy levels and general detoxifying. Pretty much a good all-rounder healthy tea.



Calming Chamomile tea is actually a big favourite of one of children …. somewhat ironic as they are anything but calm. We prefer loose leaf chamomile tea as it has a sweeter taste. Chamomile tea is great to have before bedtime and is also known to be beneficial for inflamed skin or if you have a winter cold.


Peppermint tea is one of my favourite healthy teas to drink after a meal for it digestion aiding properties.   I personally like it hot, but keep a cold brew peppermint tea in the fridge as a refreshing drink. Peppermint also has stress relieving qualities.

Oolong is newest tea that I have been trying after I was told of its natural energy giving qualities by the lovely team at Eteaket in Edinburgh. This delicately flavoured tea can help lower cholesterol, fight sun damage on the skin, detoxify the body and has fat burning qualities.

Caffeine free Rooibos tea has a high vitamin C content, but what about being great for skin conditions?  Eczema and rosacea symptoms can be improved due to Rooibos’ anti-inflammatory flavonoids.


These are just the tip of the icebery. With so many choices of tea, there is no reason not to have tea time all the time.





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