VILA VITA Parc – Grandparent’s point of view.

I was writing my post on our multi-generational family trip to VILA VITA Parc when I received an email from my mum ….. introducing her review of our stay from the Grandparents point of view! Love it. It appears that an enjoyment of writing might be in the family.  My Grandad, along with being a Headmaster, Justice of the Peace, fluent in 7 languages, the best joke teller ever and generally just awesome person, was also the author of several travel books.  I think he would have loved to read this. My Mum advised that I could use any parts of her review that I saw fit….. but to be honest I think it deserves a post all of its own. Here are her words. I hope you enjoy them.

Vila Vita Parc according to Fifi’s Mum

We loved it! It is a very beautiful estate, with gorgeous trees fringing the central lake and fountain, lined with colourful gardens. We were made immediately welcome with suitcases swiftly transferred to the golf buggies which took us to the two town houses for the children, Fifi and her brother. We tagged along out of sheer nosiness and were delighted to walk into these lovely Moroccan style townhouses, each of which had its own roof terrace as well as the two adjoining balconies overlooking the lake and towards the main building. 


 NBG: (Notes By Grandparents) 

  • Footlights on each step leading up to the townhouse … safe for wee feet as well as elderly ankles
  • Beautiful flowers leading up to the townhouse as well as in the rooms
  • Safe height of balcony wall
  • Stunning bathroom and modern kitchenette
  • Babysitting for grandparents would be very comfortable in one of these townhouse with its beautiful sitting area. 
  • Swift and yummy room service for the children on our second night when the children were tired and happy to chill in their own townhouse. (Especially the one who was served his favourite calamari)

Then we were keen to see our own quarters! So, back into the buggy, and over to the main building where we were escorted to our beautiful sea facing deluxe room. On entering, we notice that the room number is woven into the beautiful hall carpet, and we were next door to the hotel library… Grandad was very happy about that. We opened the door, and were faced with beautiful wooden flooring, leading towards the balcony …. the bathroom, and bed area are ignored as we eagerly walked past the beautiful living area on to the balcony ….wow! South facing, it overlooked the sea and in the foreground there were umbrella pines, palm trees and this enormous fountain in the centre of the lake set in the middle of rolling lawns.

Again, we are relieved to see the safe double balcony parapet, knowing that a 7 yr old,  6 yr old and 2 x 5 yr old grandchildren would soon be over to check out our premises.  Turning back to the beautifully furnished room, we clocked the lovely blue velvet L-shaped sofa with Algarve traditional blue and white cushions. Then up a wee step into the bed area where the beautiful extra king sized bed looked very inviting. That wee step I am describing, also had an infrared safety facility which turned the light on at floor level over the step when you approached it in the darkness of night. Good for the aged grandparents then!

We loved the bathroom, but I suspect the grandchildren loved it even more. Why? Because the shower had a glass front door, but the wall which faced onto the bedroom was also glass with wooden blinds on the bedroom side to protect your modesty. However, for the 6 year old the idea of lying in bed watching your partner in the bathroom was just a tad too amusing. Bidets are always fascinating….and they were!

All in all a beautiful room which more than suited our needs, to say the least. It was very comfortable, bright, inviting and luxurious without being over the top.

The VILA VITA Parc is suited to all ages, as well as to all varieties of hobbies, pastimes, sports, and holiday requirements. The main building, where we “oldies” were housed,  was large, but quiet, welcoming and exceptionally comfortable. It was beautifully decorated and benefited from lots of nooks and crannies where you can sit, enjoy excellent discreet service and view the beautiful park between the hotel and the sea.

However, hereby a caveat. Comfort, good design, beautiful gardens, excellent facilities, wonderful food and service, comfortable, welcoming quiet areas, are not what makes a hotel, a good hotel. No, that comes from the heart. And the heart of this particular hotel has to be its staff. Yes, Portuguese people are friendly, welcoming, and hospitable. In this particular hotel these three adjectives describe the heart of the success of this establishment. The staff.  Every member of staff we came across was friendly, interested in their guests, polite, welcoming and above all they had this great pride in the place in which they worked. They are confident in their pride, and keen to share it. This explains why so many guests return year after year, and also why so many staff remain for many years.

My husband and I were loathed to leave this oasis. We had a lovely time, were very well looked after, relaxed, and watched in pride as our grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed all the many activities on offer to them. We also have very fond memories of watching as the Portuguese staff encouraged the children to try all the local delicacies, to speak Portuguese, and demonstrated the meaning of the word “hospitality” in its true sense. Congratulations VILA VITA  Parc. In our eyes, you have it cracked it for all ages! Thank you.




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